As with the Adult Programme, the Youth Programme also runs for a period of two years. It is managed and co-ordinated by the YCT. The results of the Youth Programme are also submitted to the European Commission. As an adult the Charter bolsters learning and knowledge of the ‘who, what and how” in Europe. Who the people are, what they do and how they live their everyday lives. For our Youth who participate in the Youth Meetings, it gives so much more.

They learn that cultural differences do not lead to cultural divide. They encompass the belief that, whoever you are, wherever you come from, working hard and getting along with others can enables them to achieve their goals. Our

Youth become a more tolerant and accepting adults. Their participation opens their horizons – and understand that, beyond their home countries, there is a world of opportunity. The Charter allows them to see outside of the tunnel vision, that youth are often accused of, which creates a hard border between adults and youth. Our Youth gain a better understanding that we are all people with aspirations and dreams but need to support and to stand with each other to create the stage that life will be played out on.

Our Youth find that with the Charter, by living in a rural community, it is no longer a stumbling block in life. In fact, as a collection of the rural communities in Europe, the Charter has been a springboard of learning, knowledge, understanding, compassion and personal growth… 

Results from 2015 – 2016 Youth Project