Presidium Election 2018

Election to the Presidium 2018

The 2018 Election for the Presidium of the Charter of European Rural Communities will take place at 15.00 on Saturday 16th June in Altes Kloster Hotel, Hainburg (near Vienna Airport). We wish to thank the outgoing Presidium Members for all their hard work and dedication to the Charter and the duties they performed towards each member municipality. Their contributions have made the Charter a unique organisation in Europe – one which is centred on European Citizenship within small rural communities. As a collective of rural communities representing each EU country, the Presidium has empowered us with a strong and representative voice for all European citizenship.

There are 8 seats to the Presidium. As founders of the Charter, Cissé in France has a permanent seat. 7 seats are open for election.

Following an Agenda, presented by the Charter President, which includes a Review and Outlook; Financial Report; withdrawal of the outgoing Presidium; there will be the election. After this the Agenda includes Outlook for Malta and Any other Business.

The candidates for the Presidium are in alphabetical order by country:       

Czech RepublicStarý PoddvorovTomas Kuchar
Denmark NæstvedLinda Frederiksen
GermanyHepstedtFrank Holle
Hungary NagyçenkZsuzsanna Lukács
IrelandCashel Niall Gregory
LuxembourgTroisviergesSonja Aubart
MaltaNadurEucharist Cammilleri
The NetherlandsEschBoy Scholtze
SpainBienvenidaJosé Manuel Cortés
SwedenOckelboJoachim Krüger

Each member municipality’s Mayor or Mayor’s Representative was invited to attend and vote in the election. Each attending Mayor or Mayor’s Representative will have 8 votes (to reflect the number of Presidium Seats). The candidates with the most votes will be elected to join Annette Savin (Cissé, France) on the Presidium.

A second round of votes shall then take place to elect the President from the successful candidates. After this, the Presidium votes who will be the Vice-President, the Treasurer, etc.

An announcement of who has been elected to the Presidium shall be made after the Election on 16th June on the Charter Facebook Pages: Meet Europe for Free and People meet People.