The first day of 2021 brought a change for our Dutch member Esch as it has become a part of a bigger municipality – the Municipality of Boxtel.

To learn more about this change and the new future of Esch as a part of the Municipality of Boxtel make sure to read the official statement by Yves de Boer, the Mayor of former Municipality of Haaren.

Dear mayors, dear Europeans,
The village of Esch has been a member and active participant in the Charter of European rural communities since its conception in 1989. First as an independent municipality and later as part of the municipality of Haaren. Now that Haaren will cease to exist per 1 January 2021; Esch will become a part of the larger municipality of Boxtel.
Even though it is the village of Esch that is active in the Charter we, the municipality of Haaren were proud to support this endeavour. Many a successful meeting was planned and held here and we were always happy to assist. It is with some regret then, that we pass Esch and the Charter on to the municipality of Boxtel. Esch’ new mayor, mr. Ronald van Meygaarden, has been informed about the Charter and has expressed his desire for Esch to continue as a member of the Charter. [Read More]



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