Charter of European Rural Communities – General Data Protection Regulation Consent Form

On behalf of the Charter of European Rural Communities (the Charter), thank you for logging in to this General Data Protection Regulation Form (GDPR). We request that you take a few minutes to study and complete this form.

Under EU regulations, after 25th May 2018, it is required that we have your consent or permission in writing (such as this form) to hold your data for the purposes of:

  • contacting and informing you of Charter matters,
  • using your information for promotional matters, such as image(s) of you in the Album or Media Section of the Charter Website,
  • sharing your data such as email address to other member municipality contact persons ONLY if you are a nominated Contact Person to the Charter on behalf of your Municipality or in another official capacity within the Charter.

By completing this form the Charter will contact you by email with further information on our Data Protection Policies and at any time that there are changes to these policies. Our Data Protection Polices will be posted prominently on our website ( and you will be notified by email once this is done. The Policy shall identify:

  • what data we hold of you,
  • how and where your data is held,
  • for what purpose it is held,
  • how it will be disposed of if requested by you or if retention of your data becomes obsolete.

It is your right to:

  • know and be assured that the above purposes are the only ways in which your data will be used,
  • notify us at any time that you wish to withdraw your consent for us to hold and use your data for the above purposes (by emailing us at [email protected]),
  • know that we will retain your data digitally and in a secure manner,
  • know that your data (unless you are a Municipality Contact Person) can be accessed only by Charter Presidium members, Web Master, Web Co-ordinator, Youth Co-ordination Team members, appointed Charter Data Protection Officer and only for valid and legitimate Charter purposes,
  • know that if you are a Municipality Contact Person, your data, such as contact information shall be shared only as necessary, for Charter purposes and within the confines of Charter activities,
  • know that at no time shall your data such as contact details be shared with third parties or persons or agencies (public or private), your name and municipality will however be shared to the European Commission as required and for funding of Charter Meeting purposes only,
  • know that this completed form shall be digitally retained in a secure manner.

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So that we can ensure that we only share your contact details to the necessary person(s) within the Charter and/or verify that you are contacting us for copy of your data or removal of your details.

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