Bridges Connecting Libraries

Dear members of the Charter of European Rural Communities,

project “Bridges connecting  libraries” is presented and accepted at the Major Meeting in Polva, Estonia at the annual meeting of the Charter of European Rural Communities 18. – 21.7.2019.

Tisno Public Library (Croatian: Narodna knjižnica i čitaonica Tisno), Croatia in collaboration with her Municipality of Tisno, and with the assistance of Friends of Europe Tisno Association, has put forward the idea of initiating further improvement of our network by interinstitutional exchange of ideas and people via organizing a three-day-long conference of representatives working in public or local libraries in member communities of Charter of European Rural Communities.

The first meeting of this kind would take place during 18. – 20.October 2019.

Detailed program was presented during Mayor’s meeting in Põlva, Estonia on the 20th of July by Andrea Vlaić – professional assistant in Public Library Tisno also delegate of Croatia.

The idea of conference was initiated, and will be carried out by the employees of Tisno Public Library, primarily by Miss Andrea Vlaić, who serves as the Municipal councilor and is involved with youth programs in the Municipality, and Mrs. Silvija Ćurić, the director of Tisno Public Library, both of whom have taken part in a number of Charter-related activities in the last five years of Tisno’s participation in the organization.

Tisno Public Library is actively involved in projects and programs aimed at developing the local community, and spreading local achievements abroad. It is also worth mentioning that Tisno Public Library is a rightful member of Friends of Europe Tisno Association, with Miss Vlaić serving as the Association’s Vice-president and board member.

Each member country of the Charter of European Rural Communities can apply to this conference and each country can send up to 2 delegates. What matters is that delegates must work in a library or any other institution that includes work with children and lifelong learning (schools, kindergartens or delegates in their municipality represents the interests of local community).

When the delegates are choose in their municipality they fill out the form that will be sent to the official mail for all official contacts to the municipalities.

Please all interested parties to complete the application forms which will be enclosed with this official call.

Also, please send us an official application for participation at this conference and send them by September 1. September 2019.

All costs (accommodation, food and transport from and to the airport, excursions) are provided by the organizer. The delegates of this conference are paying their own travel expenses.

If you have additional questions feel free to send us your inquiries.

We are looking forward to your response and hope you will recognized the meaning and importance of this project.

In a attachment we are sending you official program of conference  “Bridges connecting  libraries” and application list of delegates.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Andrea Vlaić – professional associate

of Public library Tisno


Andrea Vlaić

email: [email protected]

phone: +385 91 622 0612

 Silvija Ćurić – director of Public library Tisno

email: [email protected]

phone: +385 98 1958 055

Miljenko Meštrov – Deputy Major

email: [email protected]

phone: +385 99 734 4173