Quick Tip

Quick Tips – how to tackle the Climate Change really easy. Use this Tips as a suggestion for you community/municipality and also feel free to add your ideas to this list. Simple leave a comment at the end of this page!

– Switch of the lights for one hour during European day
– Vegetarian day once a week
– Carpools for school, shopping or your job
– Bring your own bags when shopping
– Arrange competitions: municipality vs. municipality – best recycling, Awareness. Making the best movies
– Decrease use of paper in the school – Think before you print
– Cleaning day around your area, one a year
– Turn off the lights when leaving the room
– Day for the clothes exchange and think about the process and production more then just the price. Improve second hand
– Use Standby mode on your electronic devices
– Wash clothes at low temperature
– Use energy saving lamps
– Switch off the heating in case of absence
– Recycling day ,- learn about recycling, teach about it through playing
– Educating elderly about recycling and environment by the help of youngsters – from a group that will help elderly
– Do activities on the school
– Organise visits to recycling plants and participate in these places
– Organise a plant-a-tree-day
– Don’t let the window be open the whole day
– Make a game in primer school to collect waste
– No bath, but shower
– Pant on bottles
– Deleting messages in mobile phones
– Buy local products
– Grow your own food
– Design some kind of game for children involving waste separation. It is really simple. Any popular puzzle or computer game can be transformed into a environmental awareness game, by simply changing variables to fit in the subject
– From every class of a primary school, someone is assigned to turn off the lights and close the windows when the class is dismissed. In this way children get used to think about the environment with feeling special and responsible

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