Games are always fun and help youngsters to get informations about the topic really easy. We worked out some examples of games you can play. But also feel free to create your own “Climate Change Game”.

Untie me
Use this to warm up before starting a group game
Students stand together in the middle of the room, stick all their arms into the space between them and grab the hands of two random people. Working together as a class, they have to step over each others’ arms etc. without breaking their grip until everyone is standing in a single circle facing the middle of the classroom. It is almost always possible to do and takes 2 to 5 minutes each time. This can lead onto imperatives, discussions of teamwork and leadership skills, or body part vocabulary and idioms.

Scavenger hunt
How to Play:
Set up cards with one letter around a designated area with a letter on each card. Also leave a clue at each post to find the next post.
After describing and demonstrating the boundaries of the working area to the group divide them in to smaller groups.
Each group must make their way around the
site finding all of the cards and writing down the code on a special sheet (card/ notebook- as you decide).
The cards must be left hanging so that all of the groups can find them.
When the groups have found all of the letters they will return to the base to figure out the word.

Feely Bag
You will need:
A large bag
A number of objects found in the woodland e.g. acorn, stick, pinecone, feather

The activity:
1. Once people are familiar with objects they may find around the wood, get
one child to choose an item from the bag without taking it out
2. They describe the object to the rest of the group which has to guess what it is
3. The correct guesser gets the next go.

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