Here are some ideas for you to activate youngsters to take aktion in tackling climate change. Feel free to continue our list…

What about a Recycling Contet in your Community… Here´s a draft of such an idea.


Or how about a Energy efficiency Questionnaire? Learn more about how youngsters thing about Energy efficiency.
Feel free to use this on for downloading: energy_efficiency_questionnaire.pdf

  • movies for children about global warming and recycling
  • lectures from youngsters in schools about global warming and how can each individual make a difference
    projects about involvement and awareness of the citizens in saving energy and maintaining the environment “clean”
  • webpages with advices and discussions on how to save energy
  • youngsters teaching children and other youngsters that it´s a time of changes – developing a “green” way of thinking
  • Lights Out For Europe: During European day switch off the lights for 30minutes ( less /more) in all our communities and post some pictures on our Facebook page.
  • Environment tips every week on Facebook page: Update the page each week and choose from one of the headings below, include an interesting picture and explanation of the tip to really grab their attention

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