Youth Co-ordination Team

The Youth Co-ordination Team (also called YCT) is the body within the Charter that presides over all the activities aimed at Youngsters, and it is also responsible of all the connected administrative work. It works in direct, regular liaison with the Presidium, and cooperates with the Charter municipalities.
The YCT members help prepare the meetings and the workshops, generate meeting agendas and project timelines, and identify milestones. Moreover, they collect the outcomes of the meetings and help develop strong relationships with the members of the Charter network. Among their tasks there is also that of keeping up-to-date information and to communicate on social networks. Their Facebook page can be reached at the following address: Meet Europe For Free.

The Youth Co-ordination Team is made up by the following people (in alphabetical order): Pontus Danbrink (Ockelbo, Sweden), Zsuzsanna Lukács (Nagycenk, Hungary) and Nicolai Røge (Naestved, Denmark).


Pontus Dabrink (Ockelbo, Sweden):

Hi! I am Pontus, I am 21 years old, and I come from Ockelbo, Sweden. Currently I work as teacher’s assistant in my municipality, and I am committed in the board of the local ice hockey club, besides being also committed in volunteer work.
I am also a proud member of the YCT and the Charter because I like the way how people get a chance to see other countries, cultures and ways of living and meet new people as well.
All of this makes us youngsters feel to be part of something big, and makes us believe that we have a chance to make the difference in our municipalities, spreading knowledge to other youngsters about the EU and our projects, and on what the EU is, that is friendship and learning from others’ way of living.


Zsuzsanna Lukács (Nagycenk, Hungary):

“I have a Master degree in Economics, and work as financial controller for a railway company. I live in Nagycenk, where I try to help my community as much as I can, I’m the vice president of the Friends of Europe Nagycenk Association.I have 2 dogs, I like playing tennis and travelling. My passion about the Charter began in 2011 at the Annual Meeting in Cashel. Since that I took part in several youth and annual meetings, but the most important that I met a lots of Friends all around Europe. I participate in communication between the Presidium and the YCT. I will remain a member in the YCT, and we will manage the youth program, work together and help the municipalities who apply for the youth project.”


Nicolai Røge (Næstved, Denmark):

“My name is Nicolai, and I am 22 years old. Currently, I am attending Copenhagen University, where I am studying to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. I’m involved in local politics and voluntary work in my municipality. In addition to that I’m a member of the board in my local “Friends of Europe” association. I am committed to the Charter because I believe that Europe only has a future if people know how other people live, eat, talk and sleep. I think it’s very important to spread the word about how people live their lives, and to show people that, even though we come from different countries, we are all similar in some way. The European Youth needs to cross borders, as we are the future, and that is why I am a part of the Charter; I want to show people that we can learn from each other in many different ways!”