Friends of Europe Tisno (full name Friends of Europe Municipality of Tisno) is an association established on 20th December 2018 in Tisno, Croatia. The association gathers local enthusiasts willing to spread European values at local level, to promote their own heritage across the continent. Following the positive examples of our sister associations from other member countries of the Charter of European Rural Communities, we founded the association. The Municipality of Tisno’s participation in the network of communities was a reasonable next step from Croatia’s membership accession to the European Union in 2013.

The association aims to promote social solidarity, organise activities and apply for projects that elevate the quality of life of the local community; improve international relations and establish collaborations with other similar associations and organisations.

One of the association’s main tasks involves enabling local citizens to establish contacts and friendships with citizens of other rural municipalities across Europe. We do this through participation and organisation of meetings that involve countries belonging to both the Charter of European Rural Communities, other European organisations and individual towns and municipalities.

The board of the Friends of Europe Tisno Association consists of seven members, including the association’s president, Marko Jović, vice president, Andrea Vlaić, youth co-ordinator, Luka Stegić, Karlo Klarin, Miljenko Meštrov, Dorotea Barešić and Mirela Klarin. The association’s secretary, Marina Raste, though not an official board member with the right to vote, takes an active part in the work of the board. The board has its meetings when necessary, at least four times a year. All the association members gather at the General Assembly meeting in December each year.

The Friends of Europe Tisno Association helps to co-ordinate bilateral and multilateral meetings in the Municipality of Tisno and select delegates for the Charter meetings. Our Association has its annual program with activities conceived to celebrate special local, European and international dates and events, such as the Anniversary of Croatia’s accession to the EU (1st July), Europe Day, International day of Tolerance, etc.

We hope to become Tisno’s bridge to Europe.

President: Marko Jović

Address: Uska ulica 1, 22240 Tisno, Croatia

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Secretary: Marina Raste

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