Strzyżów Municipality

Strzyżów is a small place in the province Podkarpacie. It has 8600 inhabitants. It is the largest place in the municipality and since 1999 also the capital of the region. The municipality has, besides Strzyżów, 14 others small villages and a total surface of 140 km2 with 21,320 inhabitants. The region of Strzyżów has a rural character, typical for southeast Poland.

The patron of the city – St. Michael – is described as a soldier with a shield in his left hand and sword in his right hand. St Michael stands on a dragon, which he has just killed.

The first written reference to Strzyżów is from 1297. Since then the town was several times burned, plundered, destroyed and rebuild. Sa a large number of historical attraction from different centuries are located in the area of Strzyżów, such as: a Roman Catholic Church, a wooden Greek Catholic Church, a Jewish Synagogue, places and two underground forts from the Second World War.

Strzyżów has a splendid landscape. It lies in the valley of the Wislok river. New houses are built on the hills around the old core.

The municipality has many facilities for recreation. The guests and inhabitants can relax in two stadium, sports halls, tennis courts and riding school. There is a ski area for winter and swimming pools for all year. Every year more and more agro-farm with rooms for rent are opening. Except accommodation you can find here homemade dishes, honey, milk products, fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore there are recreation cycle paths.

Strzyżów has a cultural center, a library, a regional museum and local artist association. Moreover Strzyżów has restaurant, bars, train and bus stations.

The inhabitants can be characterized by their typical Polish hospitality, by their mutual solidarity, by their respect for national traditions and pastimes.



Mayor Mariusz Kawa


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