Strzyżów Adult Meeting 19th – 22nd October

2 Delegates each shall attend from all Municipalities.

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Strzyżów Meeting Programme:

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Time/DateActivity/EventDescriptionLocationMap Key/Legend
Thursday18/10/18Arrival Day
Welcome at Kraków AirportKraków Airport
Afternoon (Thursday)Welcome at Rzeszów AirportRzeszów Airport
Afternoon & Evening (Thursday)RegistrationRegistration of All Delegates. Welcome Packs. Meet Host Families...Calvados Town Gallery
Evening (Thursday)Free TimeFree Time with host Families
9.15 (Friday)Departure to ''Siedlisko Janczar'' in Pstrągowa.Leave from Town Square
10.00 (Friday)Official OpeningOpening Ceremony in PstrągowaHotel
''Siedlisko Janczar''
(Friday)Conference Theme: Debate on the Future of Europe – importance of the idea of solidarity and
Co-operation and building up partnerships – summary of all,
previous meetings and projects. Proposals for the future work within
European dimension. Expert from local non-governmental organisation
assists discussions and conference.
''Siedlisko Janczar''
13.00 (Friday)LunchHotel
''Siedlisko Janczar''
Afternoon (Friday)Historical and Cultural VisitTown square, Museum in Strzyżów, Town
gallery and Shelter Tunnels. The history of solidarity in Strzyżów.
18.00 (Friday)MassRoman Catholic Mass Strzyżów Church
Evening (Friday)Free TimeFree Time with Host Families
8.30 (Saturday)Historical and Cultural Trip to Rzeszów and Łańcut.The trip will provide
participants with unique learning experiences and increased interest in one
or more Theme areas, especially tolerance and solidarity.
Leave from Town Square
17.00 (Saturday)Return to StrzyżówReturn to Town Square
18.00 (Saturday)Performance & DinnerFolk Music & Dance Performance. Dinner with Guests & Host FamiliesCultural Centre DK Sokól
8.00 (Sunday)Departure to KrakówHistorical and Cultural Trip. International trip will gain
additional social, cultural, and linguistic benefits.
Leave from Town Square
21.00 (Sunday)Return to StrzyżówReturn to Town Square
Evening (Sunday)Free TimeFree Time with Host Families
9.00 - 10.00BreakfastBreakfast at local restaurant''Bella Rosa'' Restaurant
10.00 - 11.00Closing EventEvaluation and closing the event''Bella Rosa'' Restaurant
11.00Goodbye until next time in Europe!Good-bye and transportation to the Rzeszów and Kraków Airports''Bella Rosa'' Restaurant

Strzyżów Map:

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Kraków Airport
(50.074027, 19.792352)
Rzeszów Airport
(50.1151179810644, 22.02458678883636)
Hotel Siedlisko Janczar
(Pstrągowa 815, 38-121 Pstrągowa, Poland)
Town Museum
(49.86894875290489, 21.784879147526794)
Town Gallery
(49.868088, 21.787659)
Shelter Tunnels
(49.869306, 21.808917)
Strzyżów Church
(49.86781044231836, 21.78520735385905)
(50.036777, 22.003628)
(50.063463, 22.230963)
(Fundacja Judaica Centrum Kultury Żydowskiej)
Town Square
(49.868472, 21.786830)
Bella Rosa Restaurant
(Jana III Sobieskiego 3, 38-100 Strzyżów, Poland)
Currency Exchange
(Rynek 13, 38-100 Strzyżów, Poland)
Currency Exchange
(Parkowa 7, 38-100 Strzyżów, Poland)
(ul. Kilińskiego 8 siedziba oddziału, 38-100 Strzyżów)


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