Põlva Municipality

Põlva is a quiet and beautiful little town nestled among hills and swimming in greenery. Põlva is center of Põlva county which has lot of plains, primeval valleys, meandering rivers and dense road network. Põlva Rural Municipality includes 27 villages, has an area of 234 km2 and about 10 000 inhabitants.

Põlva’s coat of arms features a rooster holding a pointer (traditionally seen in children ABC books) and two flax blossoms. The rooster symbolises the first series of Estonian schoolbooks which was published in Põlva. The flax blossoms symbolise flax farming which was earlier the main source of income for farmers. The green kidney-shaped footing of the rooster symbolizes the hills of Põlva.

Nowadays the locals build houses and roads, make glue laminated timber constructions, process timber and dairy products, bake bread, provide tourism services, package drugs, trade goods, plan houses and treat people.

The motto of our municipality is „The best place to be from generation to generation“. We have a wide range different activities for leisure and good facilities for elder people too. For young people hobbies there is sports school, music school and an art school. The youth centre and various cultural societies offer a range of free time activities.

Many residents of Põlva are athletic, which is due to the excellent sporting opportunities in the town. We have sportive hall, where international ball game competitions can be held. The surrounding landscapes offer great variety for joggers, bikers and those who like orienteering. There is artificial football field and town stadium, indoor shooting range, open-air basketball court, gym, pool and tennis court.

Both art and music are actively practised in Põlva. There is a brass band, a mandolin orchestra, a hobby theatre, dance studios, an accordion fellowship, a handicraft club, folk dance groups and various bands and choirs.


Mayor Georg Pelisaar

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