Põlva Annual Meeting 18th – 21st July

8 Delegates each attend from each Municipality – 4 Youth and ideally 4 Adults.

4 Youth from each Delegation will receive reimbursement (in accordance Charter per Km travel). Unforntunatley no funding available for Adults. For more Information, please see the Panels below or email Annely at [email protected]

Click here for loaction Map of the Activities…

Põlva Meeting Programme:

TimeActivity / EventDescriptionLocationMap Key / Legend
All DayRegistrationRegister and Meet your Host FamilyCultural Centre
20.00 - 23.00Language Cafe (Thursday)Learn some EstonianCultural Centre Cafe
Accommodation Meet your Host FamilyCultural Centre
Breakfast with Host Families
9.30Gathering (Friday)Gathering for ParadeCultural Centre
9.45Parade (Friday)Parade to Central Square
10.00 - 11.00Opening Ceremony (Friday)Central SquareCentral Square
11.30 - 13.00Presidium Meeting (Friday)Cultural Centre
12.00 -14.00Lunch (Friday)Mesikäpa Hall
14.00 - 17.00Workshops (Friday)Youth & Adult WorkshopsCultural Centre
Free Time (Friday)
18.30Mooste (Friday)Departure to MoosteCultural Centre
19.00National Culinary Evening (Friday)Delegations share the food and drink of their countryMooste Manor School
23.00 - 00.00Departure to Cultural CentreCultural Centre
BreakfastWith Host Families
9.30Gathering (Saturday)Preparation for ExcursionsCultural Centre
10.00 - 12.50Departure to Estonian Road Museum (Saturday)10.15-11.30 Guided Tours
11.30 Lunch, Varbuse Teahouse
12.00 Opening of new Exhibition Hall
Estonian Road Museum
12.50Departure for Activities (Saturday)Youth: Digital Orienteering
Adults: Swamp Walk
Mayors: Mayors Meeting
Youth: Taevaskoja
Adults: Valgesoo
Mayors: Põlva
13.00Mayors' Meeting (Saturday)Cultural Centre
15.00 - 17.00Lunch (Saturday)Mesikäpa Hall
16.00 - 17.00WorkshopYoungsters WorkshopCultural Centre
17.30Sculpture Opening (Saturday)Opening of Sculpture with music by Karl KikasKesk Street
19,00 - 24.00Festival (Saturday)Open-air Fesitval HARMOONIKAInstikurmu
Breakfast (Sunday)With Host Families
9.00Morning Prayer (Sunday)Religious ServiceMaarja Church
10.00Free Time (Sunday) With Host Family or visit TartuTartu:
11.00 Tour of Estonian National Museum
12.30 Lunch in Museum Cafe
13-30-15.00 Walk in Tartu Old City
18.00Dinner (Sunday)Closing DinnerMesikäpa Hall
DepartureBon Voyage until next time in Europe!


Participating Municipalities

4 Youth from all 28 Member Municipalities & 4 Adults invited from all 28 Member Municipalities

Meeting Theme

LYCEUM… More information to follow