The Passing of Michel Bouchet

Our first President and founder of the Charter, Michel Bouchet, has sadly passed away.

Here is the Message of Condolences of Annette Savin, Mayor of Cissé and member of the Presidium of the Charter:

Dear Friends,

Each of you knows that “the Charter of Rural Communities of Europe” started in 1989 in Cissé, thank to the initiative of its Mayor, Michel BOUCHET, with the former 12 countries of the European Union.

The Charter has grown up and there are now 28 communities.

He has promoted knowledge and exchanges, in the logic of « Europe of Citizens ». He was the first President of the Charter, then Lucien MAJERUS, Frans RONNES, and Karl GRAMMANITCH.

I have to inform you that M. BOUCHET has died and his funeral will take place on Monday, June 18th, at 3.30pm, in Cissé

Please have a thought for him and his family.

Kind regards

Annette SAVIN, Mayor

Marion Champeau
Mairie de Cissé
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86170 CISSE
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