You are a young person between the ages of 18 and 30 wanting to travel across Europe and gain international experience through EU co-funded projects aimed at the youth? Then we have something you might be interested in! 

With the departure of two out of four current Youth Co-ordination Team (YCT) members later this year, the Charter of European Rural Communities is looking for two candidates who would fill in the spots once they become vacant. The first new member will take over during the Annual Charter Meeting in Bienvenida, Spain (9-13 July 2020), while the second one will do the same at the Closing Youth Meeting in Ockelbo, Sweden (27-30 August 2020).


The Youth Co-ordination Team is the body within the Charter that presides over all the activities aimed at youngsters, and it is also in charge of all the connected administrative work.
The YCT members help prepare the meetings and the workshops, generate meeting agendas and project timelines, and identify milestones. The team can consist of at least two to at most four members aged 18 to 30. Members are elected to office by the Presidium for a term of two years with the possibility of a re-election.


Candidate has to be a young person between 18 and 30 years of age coming from one of the member villages or municipalities of the Charter of European Rural Communities (this excludes Tisno and Ockelbo as the two remaining team members are their representatives). Candidate is not required to live there at the moment. Candidate should preferably have some Charter-related experience gained either through taking part in one of the former Charter meetings or through organizing one in their own municipality.

The application process consists of two parts:

The first part consists of an open call through which candidates apply for one of the two vacant spots by sending a letter of motivation not longer than one page in a Word document.

Candidates are not required to attach their CVs, however, it is important that they state the following pieces of information prior to the motivation letter:

Name and surname

Date of birth

Charter village or municipality they come from

Languages spoken

Student status (high school or university) or current occupation

Previous Charter experience

Candidates can send their applications to until 30 April 2020.

The second part consists of an interview with the current YCT members.

Only those candidates who meet the call requirements will be invited to the interviews. The interview will be held online in May. After the interviews, the current YCT members will narrow down the list to two candidates based on the content expressed in motivation letters. Each of the two candidates will have a runner up in case of withdrawal.

Candidates will be proposed to the Presidium who will make the final decision. If the Presidium confirms the candidates they will be contacted by the YCT to arrange which of the two meetings they will be able to attend. The term of both candidates will start after the Mayors’ meeting during the Annual Meeting in Bienvenida in July this year.