President Boy Scholtze

Dear friends,

The developments in the current Pandemic regarding the Coronavirus Covid-19 are changing rapidly. All countries are taking far-reaching measures which affect the everyday lives of us, European citizens, dramatically. Schools, shops, public meetings, even borders are closing.
On Friday, I sent a letter of support to our friends in Bucine (Italy). The mayor’s reaction deeply impressed me. Apart from being grateful for the support from his European friends, he also warned us for the dramatic and tragic consequences of the virus. Combined with the growing concerns and measures taken all over Europe, this made me reconsider the upcoming Charter program.
It is therefore I am sending you this message with great sorrow. In close consultation with our LYCEUM and Reform project teams and project owners Ockelbo and Nagycenk, the Presidium but most of all the host municipalities, we have taken the hard joint decision to postpone the small meeting in Esch (The Netherlands) and youth meeting in Cashel (Ireland), which were scheduled for May.  Read More…

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Message from our network’s president, Boy Scholtze