Lassee Municipality

Lassee is situated in the eastern part of Austria, right between Vienna and Bratislva. There are two villages belonging to the municipality, Lassee and Schönfeld.

The total area of the municipality is 55,62 square kilometres, and the number of inhabitants living in Lassee is around 2700 people. Many of them are farmers or work in Vienna.

In Lassee people can spend their free time in one of many associations like sports clubs, music group or theatre group.



Lassee was mentioned for the first time in 1115 and it was called at this time  Lauchsee.

Since 2004 Lassee is member of the Charter and in 2007 the so called Europapark was opened. In this park you can see pictures from each municipality belonging to the Charter.



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Mayor DI Karl Grammanitsch