Kannus Municipality

Kannus is a youthful town of many opportunities, located in Central Ostrobothnia in Western Finland. The municipality of Kannus was founded in 1859 and in 1986 Kannus received the status of town. Nowadays the number of inhabitants is 5646 (31.12.2014) and the surface is 510 kmĀ².

The nearest airport in Kokkola-Kruunupyy is 63 km from Kannus and the nearest seaharbor is located in Kokkola Ykspihlaja. Distance between Kannus and Helsinki (capital city of Finland) is 510 km.

There are several industrial and commercial activities in Kannus. The Commercial structure contains about 12 % primary production, 28 % processing, 59 % services and 1 % other industries. Local entrepreneurship is advanced, nationwide and employmental. The most important lines of business are wood processing, food manufacturing industry, construction, transportation industry, agriculture, fur industry and welfare services. Personnel of high-quality in research and educational units provide needed services for commercial life and companies.

Pouttu Oy is one of the oldest companies in Kannus. The company was founded in 1938, and it produces several kinds of meat. The company has approximately 240 employees. Kannustalo Oy was established in 1978. Kannustalo Oy is specialised in the construction of traditional houses. It is a family company and it has approximately 120 employees. The company has won the public award five times at a national contest for house designers. The Kitinkannus is founded in 1990 and offers treatment and rehabilitation services for war veterans and invalids. Kitinkannus also offers health and wellness for all other people in the area.

In Kannus there is a Forestry Research Institution that is part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The KannusRuralInstitute Academy offers basis agriculture education. Kannus also has four comprehensive schools for grades 1-6, one comprehensive school for grades 7-9 and a high school.

The leisure activities in Kannus are exceptionally good when considering the size and population of the town. The leisure facilities in the beautiful pine terrain of Kitinkangas offer great opportunities for practising all kinds of sports. There is a swimming pool, a large gym and fitness building. Moreover there are good outdoor facilities, such as an athletics track, a cross country and a jogging track.



Mayor Terttu Korte

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