Study Tours

Study tours may be conducted as an exchange in which groups of citizens mutually visit each other, but it can also be a group of citizens who is visiting other member communities to get acquainted with conditions there.

Study tours can be thematic or have a broad and general purposes. Participants might, for example, represent cultural, business, or politicians who have a concrete object of study in mind. It may be youth groups, visiting other young people. It can be broad groups of citizens who want to experience and culture and meeting people in the other member communities. It can also be where a member of the our Charter moves to another country to study in school or university and they live or visit during this time in a Charter Municipality.

Descriptions, photos and reports from study tours can be of great inspiration to others. Send material to: Email Web Co-ordinator


Comenius-project Holmegaard (Denmrk), Tarmstedt(Germany), Kannus (Finland) – April 2015
From Erik Torm (29th April 2015) here is news of the Holmegaard School that has recently been in Tarmstedt and together with KGS Tarmstedt, the municipality school from Kannus and a Latvian school. The schools fulfilled the final meeting in the Cominius-project they have worked on for two years. The result will be a common video/film, which will soon be available here.

Here is an article from the local newspaper in Holmegaard and the photo with the Danish students: Holmegaard_School_in_Tarmstedt

Students from Holmegaard School in Tarmstedt