Presidium / Daily Board

DI Karl Grammanitsch (Lassee, Austria)
JUDr. Valeria Flachbartova (Medzev, Slovakia)
Teresa Pedrosa (Samuel, Portugal)
Jette Johnsen (Naestved, Denmark)
Annette Savin (Cissé, France)
Marc Back (Troisvierges, Luxembourg)
Frank Holle (Hepstedt, Germany)
Mariusz Kawa (Strzyzow, Poland)


The Daily Board
The Daily Board is responsible for the daily procedures of  the Charter.

The Daily Board members are:
President – DI Karl Grammanitsch
Secretary  - Clemens Wagner
Treasurer – Frank Holle
1st Vice-President – Valeria Flachbartova
2nd Vice-President – Teresa Pedrosa

Adult Programme 2015-2016
Valeria Flachbartova (Medzev, Slovakia)

Youth Programme 2015-2016
Teresa Pedrosa (Samuel, Portugal)

Audit Committee
Annette Savin (Cissé , France)
Marc Back (Troisvierges, Luxembourg)

YCT Co-ordinator (Youth)
Zsuzsanna Luckás (Nagycenk, Hungary)

Meet the Presidium and Daily Board (in alphabetical order):

Marc1Marc Back (Troisvierges, Luxembourg):
I’m working in a post office in Luxemburg.
I’m married and I have one son!
I’m playing a little bit table-tennis.
My first participation was in the year 2009 in Stary Poddvorov.
I am one of the two members of the audit committee.
People meet people.


Valeria Flachbartova (Medzev, Slovakia):




Karl Grammanitsch (Lassee, Austria):
University degree in Biotechnology.
Since 1984 working fort he municipality of Lassee. Mayor since 2000.
Active in Charter since 2003 (Invitation to Lux from Lucien to replace the former Austrian municipality Antau).
President of the Charter.






Frank Holle (Hepstedt, Germany):


Jette Johnsen (Naestved, Denmark)


Mariusz Kawa (Strzyzow, Poland):


Teresa Pedrosa (Samuel, Portugal):


AnnetteBureauAnnette Savin (Cissé , France):
I was born in Cissé and I always lived in this municipality which registered a significant evolution, passing from 800 to 2700 inhabitants. My career was dedicated to the teaching of the biology in an agricultural high school. But in the meanwhile, I was engaged in the whirl of municipal life with Michel BOUCHET who integrated me into in his municipal team.
I was elected as deputy mayor in 1983, then Mayor since 1995, I participated actively in the starting of “The Charter of the rural communities of Europe”, because Cissé was the municipality initiatory of this big gathering of municipalities.
I participated actively in the progress of this charter, which began with 12 municipalities, then 15 then 25 and 28 nowadays. In the meantime, an association “Friends of Europe” was born to help the multiple exchanges. Martine GARNIER is an active President who wants to promote «Europe of Citizens», in straight relation with the city hall.
Single woman, I share my house with an authoritarian cat which lays down the law! Culture is my favorite pastime, with reading, classical music (especially opera), exhibitions, travels and the discovery of big towns.
Conviviality and human contacts are very important to me.


index Clemens Wagner MA (Lassee, Austria): 
University degree in Translation Studies French/Romanian/German
Working in Vienna for an Insurance
Active in Charter since 2011 (Youth meeting in LUX)
Since 2015 Charter Secretary
Hobbies: Music and Sport