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Webteam Meeting Lassee December 2012

Meeting Samuel 2012

2012_10 Meeting Samuel Portugal
Europe Day in Hepstedt – Germany 2012
Children’s folklore in Stary Poddvorov 2012
2012 Friend meeting in Moravce
2012_03 Charter Meeting Nagycenk HUN
2012_3 Meeting Nagycenk -
Photos: Niall Gregory
2012_05 Bucine Flower Festival
2011_11 Charter Meeting Desborough UK
2011_10 Webteam Meeting Nadur Malta
2012_03 Youth Meeting Esch
2011_03 Troisvierges (Luxemburg) Youth Meeting
Bienvenida Small Meeting Mar/Apr 2011
2011_09 Nadur Charter Meeting
2010_11 Golden Stars Award Brussels
2011_01 Niall Gregory (Cashel) visits Esch (The Netherlands)
2011_02 European Carnival in Bienvenida
2010_10 Web team Meeting in Naestved Denmark
2010_09 Visit Moravce Slovenia
Summertour Denmark 2010
2010_05 European Day in the Charter communities
2010_05 Beerpumpfestival
Esch – The Netherlands
2009_12 Presidium Meeting Strzyzow
2009_11 Friends of Europe Meeting, Hepstedt Germany
2009_11 Youth Meeting Kannus, Finland
2009_9 Kolindros
2009_06 Annual Meeting Stary Poddvorov
2009_07 Visit Bulgary
2009 Youth Meetings
2009_05 Festival Fiore Bucine ITALY
2009_03 Youth Meeting Naestved DENMARK
Working Abroad Project
2009_03 Launch Website Town Hall Haaren / Esch
2009_02 Visit Daily Board Stary Podvorrov
2009_02 Charter meeting in Zagare  „Participation in local democracy“
2008_11 Esch visit to Naestved/Holmegaard DENMARK
2008_10 Webteam Meeting Esch NETHERLANDS
2008_09 Small Meeting Bievre BELGIUM
2008_09 Small Meeting Medzev SLOVAKIA
2008_07 Summer Tour Naestved/Holmegaard DENMARK
2008_06 Annual Meeting Lefkara CYPRUS
2008_05 Round Table Hepstedt GERMANY
2008_04 Cashel IRELAND
2008_04 Visit to Ibanesti ROMANIA
2008_04 Small Meeting Samuel PORTUGAL
2008_03 Small Meeting Kannus FINLAND
2007_06 Annual Meeting Lassee AUSTRIA