Nagyçenk, Hungary

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The Friends of Europe Nagycenk Non-Governmental Association was founded in 2011 by Dr. Tóth Melinda with the help of Annuska Udvardiné.

The main aims were to help the community with all possible ways; to shake up the cultural life of the village; to make the citizens more involved; to help the EU Charta events; to support the youngsters and the students.

1In 2013 we won 2 Leader Projects, and from these projects together with the local government we managed to rebuild an old house and create a new community centre. Now the target is to fill the house with a lot of attractive cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, folkdance/music festivals, traditional events.) In 2014 we published a book about Nagyçenk.

2It’s a tradition now that every year on 9th May we celebrate the Europe Day with organising a European Mini Marathon around the village.

4We have attended several EU Charta meetings: we visited Hepstedt in 2013; they visited our harvest festival in 2014; we were Cissé in 2014; they were our guests in May 2015. This year we represented Nagyçenk at the Beerpump Festival in Esch.
We have a really good relationship with Ibanesti and we visited our Romanian friends.

3At the moment the Friends of Europe Nagyçenk has 27 members.
The President: Dr Tóth. Melinda E-Mail:     Email Melinda
Vice President Izabelle Erdősiné (inland issues)
Vice President Zsuzsanna Lukács (foreign communications). E-mail:     Email Zsuzsanna
Secretary: Szabolcs Fekete. E-Mail:     Email Szabolcs


We would like to become an active member of our big European Family.

See you somewhere in Europe!


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