In our communities there are many sports and cultural activities. In sports, there have been contacts and mutual visits as in football and gymnastics.

In music, some music groups have visited other municipalities of the Charter of great mutual joy and inspiration. On this page, it is our hope to present many get-together activities in sports and culture.

If you know about sports and cultural activities, do not hesitate to share your experiences and stories here.

Send your information if possible together with some photos to: Email Web Co-ordinator

Friends of Europe Visit: Næstved-Holmegaard’s Summer Tour to Bucine. Erik Torm writes of 14 members of Næstved-Holmegaard’s Friends of Europe (Denmark) on their visit and warm welcome by Bucine (Italy). Naestved-Holmegaard’s Summer Tour to Bucine 23-30 August 2014