Family Friendships

On this page you can keep up with the friendship contacts that continuously are established between Charter families.

The page should be an inspiration for all members of the Charter. We hope that many of you yourselves do want to and do dare to promote contacts and friendships between families in our Charter.

If you have contacts with other Charter families, do not hesitate to share your experiences and stories here.

Send your information if possible together with some photos to: Email Web Co-ordinator

We will post your experiences here.


Fensmark-Holmegaard (Denmark) visit to Cashel (Ireland), April 2015.

DSCF4421Lotte and Lars Westermann from Fensmark-Holmegaard (Denmark) visit Karen O’Connor and Niall Gregory (Cashel). To see more click on this link: Fensmark-Holmegaard visit to Cashel – April 2015