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The board consists of volunteers that are nominated for the job. They are not elected, but asked or chosen for their skills.

The mayor should always be part of the board.

Also one board member should be part of the town council of Haaren.

In 2015, the board consists of:

Chairman Martin Greven (right) and former “beerkeeper” Wim van de Pasch.

Chairman Martin Greven (right) and former “beerkeeper” Wim van de Pasch.

Chairman:  Martin Greven

Secretary:   Thea Heesemans

Treasurer:   Lia de Man

This is the daily board of the organization

Board member: Frans Vermeer

Board – and Youth member: Boy Scholtze

Member on behalf of community: Ans Beijens

Member (and mayor): Jeanette Zwijnenburg


The daily board meets if the need arises. The complete board meets every 6 weeks. Once a year there is a public meeting for all “Friends” – contributors – and interested inhabitants.

During this meeting there will be a lottery to decide who may join the Annual Charter meeting. People should apply to be part of the lottery. “Friends” have precedence in this procedure.


The organization helps with organizing the participation to the annual meetings, such as travel arrangements, communication with the host country and so on. When there is a meeting in Esch, the organization takes care of the host families, the programme and activities during that meeting.

Recent activities:

Committee Members

Some Board Members (L-R): Ingrid van Sichem, Linda Pijnenburg, Lia de Man, Thea Heesemans

In 2005, Esch was the host village of the annual meeting. In 2010, Friends of Europe Esch invited villages to join the people of Esch during the famous Beerpumpfestival. In 2012, Esch hosted a youth meeting and in 2015, during the 50th anniversary of the Beerpumpfestival, Esch invited again villages to join them during the celebration weekend.


Thea Heesemans

Kollenberg 16

5296 LD ESCH

Phone: +31411601482