Hepstedt Municipality

Hepstedt is a village, situated in the north of Germany between Hamburg and Bremen. It is surrounded by forests, fields and meadows

Hepstedt was founded more than thousand years ago.

About 1000 inhabitants live in this small village, where in former times almost all of the people lived on agriculture. Nowadays five big farms and some businesses of manual worker as painter, carpenter, roofer, car mechanic etc. exist. A farmer-shop offers some groceries and in another shop you can buy flowers and gifts.

A lot of the people move commute to work in Bremen or places nearby.

A swimming pool in the forest near by belongs to the village.

In Hepstedt customs are practised the whole year, as the harvest festivals and different festivals of the community.

You can find here an intensive commitment to the European idea. One group, for example, called “Friends of Europe” supports voluntarily projects of the district council.




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Mayor Markus Schwiering