Educators’ Project



We would like to invite Educators and Schools from all Member Municipalities of the Charter of European Rural Communities to participate in and help develop an EU-wide Educators’ Project, as means to sharing experiences, understanding policies and developing future joint projects and initiatives.


To get primary, secondary and post-secondary educators, who live or work in the Charter of European Rural Communities to share information and research, about the variety of educational practices and policies, adopted in these communities. This collaboration would provide us with a more comprehensive view of the different educational frameworks adopted throughout Europe; thus, broadening our view and endowing us with further strategies, which would then assist us to truly provide our students with the best education possible.

Long term goals:

  • To learn how teaching is conducted throughout Europe
  • To learn about the various assessment methods adopted throughout Europe
  • To learn about the specialised teaching methods and skills utilised when teaching students with diverse educational needs
  • To learn about the various educational policies adhered to in these communities
  • To share and analyse the research available

Potential discussion topics:

  • Policies governing education across Europe
  • Teaching practices adopted across Europe
  • Enhancing motivation and empowering students
  • Society and culture’s impact on educational policies
  • Special Education
  • Marginalisation and segregation in schools
  • Bullying

Time frame:

Over at least two years

Information is to be shared:

  • Group chats on social media
  • Annual meeting in a Member Municipality of the Charter of European Rural Communities; to seek in the future to engage in workshops
  • School visits, when and where possible

Annabel Said
Nadur Malta

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