Desborough & District Twinning Association

Desborough & District Twinning Association

Desborough is proud to be the UK town in the Charter, and for the past few years our activities have been co-ordinated by the town’s Desborough in Europe Group – part of the Desborough & District Twinning Association (DDTA).

Founded in 1986, the DDTA has been active in arranging exchange visits between groups from Neuville-de-Poitou in France, and more recently from our Charter colleagues from Bièvre in Belgium – families of all ages visiting and staying with host families in each country. The DDTA runs Charter activities on behalf of the Desborough Town Council, who are represented on our managing committee.

In addition to our managing committee, we have more than 50 active members and families who take part in our monthly social events to help to fundraise and encourage the community to remain involved with our activities. Recent social events have ranged from communal meals, fun evenings including Casino Nights and Murder Mystery events through to our annual Boules competition.

Ben Murphy-Ryan

The DDTA managing committee is made up of a Chairman (Ben Murphy-Ryan), Vice-Chairman (Janice Crick), Treasurer (June Ryan) and up to 10 committee members – we meet monthly to plan our Twinning, Charter and Social activities and are all volunteers.

Delegations for Charter visits are chosen from applicants from the town and DDTA members, and Charter activities in preparation for a Charter visit to Desborough are normally managed by a sub-committee of the DDTA who meet in the year prior to the visit – we last hosted a min-meeting from all Charter countries in November 2011. We look forward to hosting the closing meeting of the Adult Programme in Desborough in September 2016.

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