Bucine Municipality

Surface  Km² 131,00
Population   10.183 habitants
Region : Tuscany

The territory of Bucine extends along the course of the torrent Ambra, among the cities of Florence, Arezzo and Siena.

Through interesting archaeological finds the Paleontological Museum , placed in the Primary school of Bucine, documents the prehistoric origin of the town.

Moreover traces were left of the Etruscan  and Roman civilization, of the Medieval castle system and of the net of small settlements, together with abbeys, along the small rivers. To end with the Modern age and the development of the farming activity.

Welcoming towers, castles and  abbeys capture the imagination of their visitors with their references to the past. Moreover traditional values and healthy country life have been preserved by the development of the rural tourism.

This land is known for its agricultural activity and for the high quality of wine and oil production.

The vegetation of the woods in the surroundings are mainly made of oak trees, evergreen oak trees and cypresses which originally were used to delimit the borders of property.

The owners of farm and country houses, besides practising the agricultural activity, have successfully promoted the rural tourism, which preserves old local tradition and develops the re-utilisation of the building property.

Bucine has a lot of art and culture to offer: Galatrona Tower, Badia Ruoti Abbey, Cennina Castle, Pogi bridge, Romanic Churches of Petrolo and Montebenichi, Intercultural Centre and Memory Museum of  San Pancrazio.




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