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Medzev’s coat of arms is based on its historical seal from 1710

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The town is situated in the east of Slovakia and lies in a pictures valley. It is surrounded with beautiful mountains (1200 meters above sea level), with rich wild life and flora.

The town is one of the gates in to the National park Slovak krast. There are 700 caves and abyss. The history at the town dates back to the 13th century. German colonists established the town in 1241 after the Mongol invasion under the rule of Bela IV.

kostol xThe Roman Catholic church from 15th century has been rebuild in 1753 in today’s baroque style. In 1892 a fire destroyed the tower, roof and bell tower. In 1932 it gained today’s looks.

In the centre of the town is a baroque pillar from the 18th century.

aThe most iconic for our town is historic technical sight the blacksmith forges which is water powered. In there our ancestors produced tools for the farming industry. Copper and iron ore was mined in the local minds and the country was rich of natural water resources. These forges date back to 1376. The biggest boom of the blacksmith industry came in the last third of the 19th century, when there were 109 blacksmith forges with 198 fireplaces in operation in the surrounding creeks. The local black smiths were producing tools which were of high quality and were sold all over Europe.

Today Medzev  is a small town, with good infrastructure. We have a school, nursery, high school and great art school with 500 pupils. The town has a engineering industry, health centre, cafés, shops, restaurants, banks, a doctor, a dentist, a police station, post office, etc.

In the last decade the town underwent an intensive development in the field of infrastructure.

bcIn our town we have a rich cultural and sport events. Apart from sports of every type like football, handball, table tennis and a tests of strength, we have every year a traditional half marathon competition.

Our clubs present traditional culture such as Karpatian German Association with singing and dancing elements, brass band, acordion band and other group, which performed our culture.


Mayor Mrs. Judr Valéria Flachbartová

Mayor Mrs. Judr Valéria Flachbartová

Town Hall Medzev

 Altitude: 318m
Land Area: 31,86 Km²
GPRS: 48°42´00”N, 20°53´30”E
Population: 4002
District: Košice – environment
Region: Košice



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