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The Municipality Pydnas – Kolindros is a municipality of the Region of Central Macedonia, which was created on 1 January 2011 from the merger of pre-existing municipalities Aiginio, Kolindros, Methoni and Pydna (population: 15.179 inhabitants according to the 2011 census). Its capital is the Aiginio and the historic seat is Kolindros. In the 2014 municipal elections, held on May 25, was elected mayor in the first round by the independent candidate, Evangelos Lagdaris.

Greeting of Mayor
The association of rural municipalities, characterized by a common vision of culture, is an idea that units different people, promoting and defending their common values: freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights. In common course we had to face very serious challenges such as climate change, unemployment and employment, aging population, migration, competitiveness, energy and especially nowadays: economic crisis experienced great difficulty in weak economies. The role of Local Government is very critical. Each Local Plan for Development contributes in achieving the common goals that we have with the Region, with the state and with the European Union. Our political position clearly has an European dimension, as a real modern government agency is required to meet and create prospects for a multicultural – rich society in which we invest in development, progress and prosperity. In the 27 years in which the former Municipality of Kolindros joined in the Association of Rural Municipalities and really this difficult period we are going through, we need – and it is our wish – not to lose our confidence in the common vision that requires cooperation in designing policies and a joint effort for their implementation. It is also our wish that the European Union to overcome the difficulties, to become really able to cope with global challenges and capture new, more concrete steps for the progress and development of the state and its citizens.

Town of Kolindros
12The settlement is built in the hills where the Pieria shows the closest extremity to the Thermaikos. The altitude in the lowest part, in the bow of Ploria (pylorus), is 280 meters and reaches 400m, the highest altitude in the region of Fountas. Surrounded by deep gorges – ravines, fortified and inaccessible position during the past centuries. This natural defensive advantage, combined with the excellent – healthy climate is always remarked the place as the most important village in the north of Pieria.

Our life in the Village
The primary sector, particularly agriculture is the main occupation of the economically active population of Kolindros. Mainly crops of grain, tobacco and fruit of which the most famous are cherries. In the secondary sector are registered 41 craft enterprises. In the industrial sector only one business belongs which manufactures electronic devices and lighting devices. Also, some enterprises are occupied with construction.

In the Tertiary Sector – Tourism operates approximately 120 companies. Regarding tourism, Kolindros has a hotel called “Pierides Mouses” which capacity is 50 beds and also the guesthouse “Pafsilipo” which capacity is 14 beds.


Folklore Museum of Kolindros
43The Museum was founded on April 3, 1992 by decision of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Kolindros and published in Decision No F.E.K.352 / 06.02.1992. Is a legal entity of the municipality and is managed by 7 / membered committee appointed by the respective City Council chaired by Mayor. The museum is housed in a traditional residence from 1800 which was restored and revamped for hosting the museum. Also the courtyard stood suitable for the possibility of hosting visitors. The building has ground floor – and a mezzanine floor. On the ground floor are: Kolindros over the centuries, Historical flashback from the Neolithic Age to today, Recent excavations in the settlement Paliambela Kolindrou, Report handwritten books, Professional and rural life. On the mezzanine floor are: The weaving workshop, Education in Kolindros, Photo gallery of the fallen for homeland. On the 1st floor are: Exhibition of rare items, Family life Social life

Sports Center  
65On the hill “Kapsalos” in a pine hillside opposite the village, bordered by deep ravines of “Mentymenou” is the versatile Athletic Center of Kolindros in an area of 20,000 sq.m. Modern and high quality sports facilities (open air swimming pool, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis) accommodate groups and sports demanding tasks. The same area is used every August in Camp, with select adolescents basketball players, a major sporting event that has become an annual event for Kolindros. In 1997, the “Camp of Kolindros” began to be organised. Camp organized in the city of Kolindros the month of August every year. From 1997 to 2001 the Camp organized by the EEC and the EKASKEM municipality of Kolindros. Since 2002 the camp was international and organized by FIBA Europe, the EEC the EKASKEM & the City Kolindros. Greek athletes participate for candidates for the National Youth Team and Foreign athletes from countries of FIBA Europe. Athletes are taught elements atomic technique under a special program developed by the Development Committee of the EESC taking advantage of the modern facilities of the sports center of Kolindros.

Neolithic settlement
7The archaeological site of Paliambela Kolindrou located in northeastern Pieria, a land area 352 sq. which belongs to the region of Central Macedonia. Paliambela are the gentle hills that mediate between the foothills of Pieria Mountains to the south and the great plain of Giannitsa north. They are a short distance from the shores of the Thermaikos Gulf to the east and the River Aliakmonas north.

The Revolution in Kolindros
98Bishop Nicholas Kitrous Lousis was the leading personality of the 1878 Revolution. He was born in Stenimacho Northern Thrace (Eastern Rumelia) in 1840. After studying in schools of his country and was distinguished for his performance in letters and morals became a fellow in Rizarios School. He studied there and then returned to his homeland where he was ordained deacon by the then Bishop of Plovdiv. From this position he was been playing a multidimensional role in the Nation.

Alexis Zorbas
10Alexis Zorbas (that his real name was George), became known as the hero of the novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, Life and State of Alexis Zorbas. He was born in Kolindros (Pieria) in 1867. He was the son of Fotis Zorba, a wealthy landowner and chief shepherd, and had three other siblings (Katerina, Yiannis and Xenophon). Became woodcutter, and later left for Halkidiki.

Video 1
The film Zorba the Greek (Alexis Zorbas) was filmed in 1964, directed by Michael Cacoyannis with Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates, Irene Papas, Lila Kedrova, Sotiris Moustakas, Anna Kyriakou, Eleni Anousaki George Vogiatzi. It is based on the book by Nikos Kazantzakis’ Zorba.

The film won three Oscars in 1964, the most important of the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the interpretation of Lila Kedrova, in the role of Madame Orntans. Soundtrack which was written by Mikis Theodorakis became known worldwide as Sirtaki. The scenes of the movie were filmed in Crete.

Video 2
The group of young Aboriginal originating from unknown and isolated island Elko, north of Australia, presented their own version, dancing at their own pace composing music of Mikis Theodorakis “Zorba” at the event “Celebration”, organized by the Greek Community of Darwin, in North. Australia.

Mayor Evangelos Lagdaris

Mayor Evangelos Lagdaris

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