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Lassee was first documentarily mentioned in 1115 as “Lauchsee – the sea in which leek grows”. The coat of arms was arwarded to the community in 1977 and points out the long tradition of horse breeding, as well as emphasizing, with the golden ears of corn, our location within Austria’s granary. The crossed keys refer to our connection to the Benedictines. The sub-community Schönfeld is also quite old and first appears in 1262 under the name of “Seefeld – sea field”.

Worth mentioning is St. Martins church in Lassee which exists since 1695. Positioned in the centre of Schönfeld is the small church, which is also a branch of the rectorate of Lassee. This church was built in 1744 containing only one altar. In 2006 a modern glass extension was built.

In the past the community was mainly reliant on cattle and arable farming. Due to the ideal conditions in Marchfeld it is also possible to grow special crops. Today farmers no longer breed cattle but have specialized in cultivating all kinds of grain, sugar beet, vegetables (for example onions and carrots) but also asparagus and strawberries. Some inhabitants work in Lassee or in surrounding villages; a large number however commute daily to Vienna, by car or train in approximately 25 minutes.

The good infrastructure has resulted in a growing population over recent years. We have a kindergarten, a primary and secondary school as well as a school for children with special needs. There are shops, bakeries, banks, a doctor, a dentist, a police station, an ambulance station, post office…………..all within walking distance.

Most people are involved in one of many clubs and associations in their free time, be it the voluntary fire brigade, the hunting guild, tennis or football club, the church choir, brass band, theatre, golf, riding, boule, fishing, the very latest is an archery club! So you can say that in Lassee there is some kind of meeting or activity virtually every day.

Today we are striving to the modern challenges concerning the urgent needs to save energy, reduce emissions using renewable energy sources; encouraging insulation and ecological efficiency.  One trend-setting measure taken by the municipality was the decision to build a compost plant. With broad regional cooperation, we started in 1990 to compost an average of 2000 tons of biodegradable waste material. Today our compost has achieved the highest possible quality grade and is used in both conventional and organic farming. In 1992 a district heating plant, operated on straw was built and since provides heat for over 400 households and all public buildings. The district heating, the waste water treatment plant (1999) and the sewage facilities constitute alongside the local agriculture a profitable and environmentally sound cycle.

One lasting memory of the Charter meeting 2007 in Lassee and well worth a visit, is our “European park”. Young children from all participating countries sent us their pictures and drawings and made a great contribution. Artist Gottfried LAF Wurm, carefully transferred chosen features creating the glass pictures on easels, along with his friend Martin Suritsch, for this unique park. People now travel from near and far in order to visit “Europe” in Lassee.

Town Hall

Lassee Town Hall

Mayor Karl Grammantisch

Mayor Karl Grammantisch


Soccer stadion 2

Soccer Stadium

European Park 1

European Park


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